MIRPUR   -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Organiser Saifullah Khan Nyazee has asked the Indian government to stop rejoicing the historical blunder it has committed by unilaterally altering the status of disputed Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement issued by Party’s Central Media Department Chief Organiser PTI on Wednesday, Saifullah Khan Nyazee said that the Modi administration had committed a historical blunder by scrapping Article 370 of the Indian constitution.

He said a number of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir and bilateral agreements between Pakistan and India including 1972 Shimla Accord did not allow India to alter the status of Kashmir which was a matter of dispute between them. “The move to tamper with the status of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir not only undermines the United Nations and its charter but also causes an irreparable loss to the effectiveness of international law including principle of peaceful coexistence,” he said, adding that the festivity being observed among the ranks and files of the ruling BJP and its parent organisation RSS spoke volumes about the intensive lack of seriousness towards bilateral as well as global obligations on part of the Indian state and her organs.

“Jammu & Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of the partition plan of the subcontinent and has to be concluded according to the wishes of Kashmiri people and in the light of Shimla Accord between Pakistan and India and UNSC resolutions on Kashmir,” he underlined.

He further stated that the meeting of UNSC, held recently on August 16, had nullified India’s traditional claim about the dispute being an internal affair of Indian State and had reinforced it as a global dispute to be resolved in the light of UNSC resolutions.

“India’s ruling party celebrates an unlawful occupation of J&K and unleashes a condemnable regime of oppression, tyranny and massive human rights violations against the 9 million Kashmiris, fighting for their right to self determination,” he said.

“The Modi-led fascist regime of RSS-BJP conspires to undertake Hitler-like persecution of Kashmiris, plans for mass killings and genocide of Kashmiri Muslims and seeks to change the demography of IOK to materialise her dream of occupying the territory and resources of people of J&K illegally,” he added.

“Indian Occupied Kashmir has been turned into a prison with complete communication blackout and an ongoing siege of over three weeks where all basic human rights are being breached without an iota of shame or accountability,” he maintained.

He further stated that to divert attention of the world from massive HR violations in Occupied Kashmir, the cunning Nazi regime of RSS-BJP conspired to lodge a false flag operation for which preparations of ground through false and fabricated propaganda had already been initiated. He pointed out that the Indian government did not only deprive neutral observers including media an entry to the occupied territory but has stopped the Congress President Rahul Gandhi from entering Kashmir through police and LEAs.

India, by conspiring to seek permanent occupation of J&K through alteration of constitutional provisions unilaterally pulls off the veil of pluralism and democracy from the face of India. He added that India could no longer hold brave Kashmiris from achieving their right to freedom.