God Almighty has created different kinds of people on this globe. Some are short, some tall, and some fair and dark. But unfortunately, we have stratified people according to their colour and looks. We have ingrained in our minds that if a person looks short and absurd, he will be malevolent. 

Our society has become so apartheid that we don’t like talking to a dark-skinned person. These colour complexes affect our society. Many girls do not get married owing to their dark complexions. And same is the case with men. They are usually humiliated due to their looks. A good looking man may have sinister intentions, whereas a man with average looks can be a noble individual. Everything depends upon the character and intentions. A man should have a beautiful character instead of beautiful looks. Even our religion keeps us of equal importance. Education is used as a panacea to all these mental problems but sadly, in our society, the most educated people are the most colour and class conscious. We must develop a mentality of treating everyone as an equal entity.