Evidence of “Hibernation-Like” state discovered

ISLAMABAD - Hibernation is a familiar feature on Earth today. Many animals - especially those that live close to or within Polar Regions - hibernate to get through the tough winter months when food is scarce, temperatures drop and days are dark. According to new research, this type of adaptation has a long history. Scientists at the University of Washington and its Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture report evidence of a hibernation-like state in an animal that lived in Antarctica during the Early Triassic, some 250 million years ago.

 The creature, a member of the genus Lystrosaurus, was a distant relative of mammals. Antarctica during Lystrosaurus’ time lay largely within the Antarctic Circle, like today, and experienced extended periods without sunlight each winter. The fossils are the oldest evidence of a hibernation-like state in a vertebrate animal, and indicates that torpor — a general term for hibernation and similar states in which animals temporarily lower their metabolic rate to get through a tough season — arose in vertebrates even before mammals and dinosaurs evolved.

Kim Kardashian and her BFF open up about their friendship

ISLAMABAD - Kim Kardashian’s highly anticipated makeup collection with childhood BFF Allison Statter for KKW Beauty drops recently. And on the most recent episode of the Fat Mascara podcast, the longtime besties shared memorable moments from their decades-long friendship and how it led to their collaboration. At one point in the interview, Kardashian, 39, had what she deemed a ‘full circle moment’ as she recalled watching an episode of the hit reality series The Real World with Allison at the age of 10. According to Kim, she and Allison were sitting in front of the TV at Allison’s childhood home in Malibu ‘and it was like 1989 and [they] saw The Real World.’ ‘And I said “that’s it! That’s what I want to do! I want to be on reality show” and then I said “when we are 18 let’s make a video and see if we can make it.”’ She said that a then 10-year-old Allison insisted on ‘being [her] manager’ and that they came up with this ‘whole plan’ to bring Kim’s reality TV dreams to life. 

‘And it’s so funny because [The Real World] producers are now the producers of [Keeping Up With The Kardashians], which is so full circle. All these years later,’ revealed Kim, whose own reality show launched in 2007.