KARACHI (Agencies) PML-F President Pir Pagara has reiterated that year 2011 will be of polls and predicted that MQM and JUI-F will be the part of new government. He was talking to Online in Karachi on Tuesday. He said next government would be political and one political party active now will grab the crown. Replying to questions, he said MQM would never return to federal cabinet as PPP will remain unsuccessful in aligning it. He was of the view that both MQM and JUI-F have played their cards wisely and will be rewarded in next ruling setup accordingly. He predicted about next ruling party as it will be the same that intermittently appears on political scene every four or five years and then clarified by saying that it will be civilian setup. The country is in the grip of contradictory predictions, as political parties are busy in manoeuvring to gain upper hand over their rivals. The JUI-Fs decision to leave the ruling alliance followed by the MQM move to ask its ministers to resign from the federal cabinet has further weakened the PPP-led govts position. In this scenario, all sorts of alliances are possible, as the countrys history is ripe with examples of joining hands for furthering immediate interests at the cost of long-term benefit of the masses.