LAHORE Over 180 alleged gangsters have been gunned down in what the provincial police claimed encounters, which were staged in different parts of the Punjab during the current year. According to official data compiled by the Punjab Police, about 57 police encounters out of total 252 took place in the City, triggering a sense of insecurity among the general public. The official figure however showed almost 186 alleged criminals were killed, 52 injured while the Punjab police apprehended their 229 accomplices during these incidents. The documents further showed 36 policemen were also martyred and 65 others also sustained multiple bullet injuries. These gunshots also engulfed the lives of two citizens while seven others also received severe injuries. However, the overall ratio of police encounters decreased by 11 per cent during this year as compared to the last year in which about 285 encounters took place, claiming 238 lives best known to the authorities concerned either they were criminals or innocent. According to available statistics of three top regions regarding encounters, Lahore Region topped with 83, Gujranwala Region with 60 and the Faisalabad Region remained on third position with 46 encounters. The analysis of the data shows five leading cities remained under severe security threats as the robbers/dacoits remained on rampage, without any fear of police personnel. Lahore: At least 27 alleged gangsters were gunned down, 13 injured during 57 encounters, while eight policemen were also martyred. Faisalabad: The city renowned for industrial materials observed 33 encounters in which 31 accused succumbed to bullet injuries while 10 were injured and the police also managed to capture nine criminals. About five policemen died and four others sustained multiple bullet wounds. During these gunshots one passerby also lost his life while two others also suffered severe bullet injuries. Sialkot: The district remained under severe threat of robbers and dacoits because the masses witnesses dozens of dreadful scenes as 26 police encounters took place during the current year in which seven accused were killed, one injured while the police managed to apprehend 39 criminals. Seven policemen also suffered multiple bullet injuries. Gujranwala: District police also gunned down 23 alleged gangsters in 18 encounters, leaving five injured and apprehended 51 accused. One policeman was killed and two others suffered minor injuries. At least 29 accused were killed; four injured and 11 were arrested during the corresponding period of the last year. Sheikhupura: The City, which is considered a safe heaven for the hardened criminals observed 12 police encounters in which eight accused and three policemen were killed and five officials were also injured. According to comparative study, only four encounters took place in the last year, leaving two accused dead and one injured. None of the senior police officers was ready to comment on such kind of extra judicial murders when contacted.