None else but an MNA on treasury benches belied tall claims of the incumbent political dispensation that the Parliament was supreme when he pointed out lack of democracy within the parliamentary parties. It was nothing less than startling when Nadeem Afzal Chan, a young parliamentarian hailing from a political family, bracketed his own party's Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik with former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. "Only five per cent people having relations with the grassroots society are ruling the country," he said. "For God's sake let us get rid of these technocrats and let the people's genuine representatives decide the fate of the nation," he added. Even further eye opening was his statement regarding the potential of the Parliament that is supposed to be the supreme institutions of the state by the virtue of the Constitution. "I am sure that this Parliament would not be able to recover me in case I become part of the missing persons," he said without any hesitation. Nadeem is not a backbencher in the PPP as his close family members are enjoying key portfolios in the Federal Cabinet. Those who do not know Nadeem might consider his criticism against the Interior Minister as a vent given to some of his personal grudges. But those who are aware of his family and personal background would know that they were capable of getting their own issues through were that in the Interior or even in Finance Ministry. Even a student of politics would not have a second opinion on the conviction that democracy is a form of government would not be possible unless the political parties are not democratic in nature. And this is the main disease in our political system that we go by the dynastic politics. That is why perhaps even such an unequivocal person like Nadeem also hoodwinked his own point of view towards the end of his speech by abruptly shifting the blame to the intellectuals. "Corruption on part of the politicians, and leaders hardly matters but corrupt intellectuals are lethal for the nation," he added. That was just one glimpse of the so-called supreme Parliament's helplessness as MPs on the private member day were raising hue and cry for the issues of grave concern starting from drone attacks to the missing persons they have been raising but in vein. Further pity was the story of so-called consensus Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Fazlur Rehman whose JUI-F had half-way withdrawn from the ruling coalition recently, on Tuesday asked for resignation from Premier Gilani after another half-way withdrawal of MQM from the government. Either they took Fazl or the PM as non-seriously but the members on the treasury benches hardly bothered to defend their consensus Prime Minister. Of all Riaz Pirzada of PML-Q on opposition benches responded to the JUI-F call for Prime Minister's resignation. "He is a consensus Prime Minister and we would not find any premier like Yousuf Raza Gilani," Pirzada said in so many words. It could be taken as a preamble of reported PPP-PML-Q power-sharing deal in the making if not southern Punjab connection being voiced by Pirzada.