LAHORE Despite Islamabads concrete and solid efforts to eliminate sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan, interference by hostile foreign agencies is fuelling insurgency in the mineral-rich largest province. Well-placed sources revealed that the law-enforcement agencies in Balochistan have recently forwarded a comprehensive report alongwith solid evidences to the Federal government, indicating particulars of foreign elements, networks, and specific groups who are dancing to the tunes of foreign elements and actively involved in fomenting unrest in the province. The report jointly prepared by the Balochistan police, Frontier Constabulary and other security agencies responsible for maintaining peace in the province, also disclosed the names and motives of anti-Pakistan forces, supplying sophisticated weapons and cash to some Baloch Sardars for originating subversive attacks to disrupt peace in the poverty-hit province. 'The security agencies have unearthed a nexus between some Baloch Sardars backing terror campaign from outside Pakistan, members of banned outfits and local militants to foment violence in Balochistan, a top source in the security establishment said, requesting his name not to be mentioned because he was not authorised to speak to media. According to a terrorist who was arrested recently during a raid in the outskirts of Quetta, each terrorist is being paid Rs 5000 for exploding home-made bomb, Rs 2000 for carrying out gun attack, Rs 4000 for target killings and Rs 3000 for installing Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in the backward province of the country. Sources in the security establishment also revealed that the money was being fed from sources outside Pakistan. 'But the cash is distributed locally by some Baloch hardliners. The money is coming from India and Afghanistan, sources added. Sources also said that the report had been compiled in the backdrop of ongoing Balochistan Package. In this report, the provincial hierarchy has also suggest more job creations for the Baloch youth that would help remove the sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan. Foreign interference in Balochistan province appears to be evident as the defence analysts has already been pointing towards Indian and US designs to support the separatist elements. The arrest of Shahzain Bugti by security forces on charges of keeping illegal weapons is a case in point. Reportedly, Shahzain Bugti contacted US Embassy and held a detailed conversation at the time of his arrest. Though the contributions of Armed Forces in bringing the Baloch youth into mainstream through induction programme, is a right step in the right direction but the government should also act immediately to find out political solution of the problem. This will inculcate their sense of national integration and patriotism. Also induction of soldiers in large numbers from far-flung areas of Balochistan is a matter of pride for their families, province and Pakistan Army as well. Bulk induction of Baloch soldiers in Pakistan Army has been widely appreciated by people of Balochistan as it will help improve socio-economic conditions of province which were ignored in the past. So far 4000 Baloch recruits have successfully completed their training while another batch of 10,000 is undergoing basic military training in various training institutions. 'If the government and politicians also come forward to play their role effectively, the Baloch youth could be rescued from playing into the hands of anti-country elements, analysts said. Indian diplomats and propaganda machinery in the media being supported by RAW, also remain actively involved in fomenting troubles in Balochistan in order to destabilise Pakistan. New Delhi is expanding her influence in Afghanistan making ingress in various sectors of society including Afghan civil works, afghan police and Afghan army. India has been claiming that her companies are working in Afghanistan to develop infrastructure there. However, this is not true as these Indian companies are actually involved in unlawful activities including providing safe passage to pro-India Taliban and facilitating the activities of drug peddlers. The NATO forces operating in Afghanistan must take notice of the underground activities of Indian firms operating in Afghanistan in a bid to ensure peace and stability in the region.