ISTANBUL (Agencies) - Azerbaijan is ready to play its due role in helping the member states of Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) with energy security, financing the reopening of the historic silk route between Europe and Asia via its lands besides ensuring the success of the organisations bank. Making these historic commitments at the Chiragan Palace here, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev also hoped that international community and Muslim world will help recover its occupied territory from Armenian occupation by utilizing all peaceful methods. Aliyev said that his country attaches great importance to the activities of the Economic Cooperation Organization. We are an active member of the organization, and it is pleasing that the organization is strengthening. I am confident that in the future, the organization will gradually play an increasingly important role worldwide. As this role increases, the potential of the member states of the organization will also expand, he added. He informed the heads of states that his country was fully aware of the regional developments and is trying to be an active member of all these developments, especially transport and energy. Azerbaijan seeks to mobilize its economic potential in order to take a greater contribution to this large-scale cooperation, he said. Elaborating the economic progress of his country, President said over the last seven years, gross domestic product (GDP) of Azerbaijan has tripled and budget expenses have increased by 12 times. Poverty has fallen by four times. He said this economic upturn has allowed his government to share its economic progress and natural resources for developing a greater economic cooperation with the regional countries not only in commerce but also in helping them achieve energy security. He said that Our rich oil and gas reserves can play a positive role in developing stronger regional cooperation. Today there are seven oil and gas pipelines extending from our country to the world market. Azerbaijan is realizing its potential through these pipelines, thus enabling neighbouring brotherly and friendly countries to meet some of their demand for energy. He assured the summit leaders that Azerbaijan is a reliable partner, and has always honoured, and will honour, its obligations. We have proved to be a supplier, a transit country and a reliable partner for many years. I am confident that as issues of energy security are successfully resolved, every country will develop even more confidently. He was of the view that issues relating to energy in the world are likely to become an even more serious subject of discussion in the future. Considering this, he said that we can say that as a supplier of energy, Azerbaijan is ready to play its positive role in the future, too. Along with that, President said that Azerbaijan has a very positive approach to developments in the transport sector. Elaborating the developing transport project, he said that it would result in the establishment of a new transport infrastructure in the region. Azerbaijan is an active participant in the North-South and East-West transport corridors. The geographic position of our country allows us to increase our positive role in every field. As a result of the commissioning of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway which has been built in the region, it will be possible to restore the "Iron Silk Route", he informed the summit. Mr. Aliyev said that this route would not only connect Azerbaijan to Turkey, it would also connect Europe to Asia. Thus, this route will be of great importance in terms of economic efficiency and his country was actively participating in this project. We hope that the construction of this route will be completed in the near future and the member states of the Economic Cooperation Organization will be able to benefit from this opportunity. He added.