ISLAMABAD - Unidentified armed persons entered the Habib Bank branch at 'Mora Nagial Swan Camp in the limits of Sihala Police Station and took away the cash worth Rs6 million at gunpoint on Tuesday noon and managed to escape from the spot. The sources said that two persons entered the bank first while the rest three followed them. Two dacoits soon afterward made hostage cashier and asked rest of five staff member to hands-up. Meanwhile, other three colleagues of dacoits outside the bank made hostage security guards and snatched metal detector and weapons from them. Three dacoits brought the two security guards inside the bank and tightened their hands. On their demand, the staff provided key of safe to the dacoits. The total amount looted was Rs.6 million. Some carpenters were also in the premises of the bank at the time of the incident. The dacoits took the server of the CCTV cameras with them and easily managed to escape in a car. The police response was delayed, sources added. When The Nation contacted Superintended Police Rural Zone Malik Umr Hayat, he said the incident took place in the limits of Sihala Police Station. Policemen were deployed to for procession taken out by a Shiite outfit. In the meantime, this unfortunate incident took place. To a question he said that the case had been registered with the Sihala Police Station and investigations were started in this regards. He said two things are very important that how the on duty security guards allowed armed persons to enter the bank and the presence of a carpenter inside the bank. To another question, he said these persons had fair complexions and apparently were Pathans. He said SSP, DSP and SHO Sihala also reached immediately the bank and also issued directions for completely cordoning off the area. Policemen at all points in Islamabad were immediately informed about the culprits appearances. Cooperation from the citizens is also sought in the case.