LAHORE Dacoits on Tuesday went on the rampage while looting several houses and took away cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth millions of rupees besides three cars and five motorcycles from different parts of the City. Armed dacoits stormed into the residence of Director at the Directorate General Public Relations Ghazala Ansar situated at Raiwind Road in Satu Katla police precincts and held up the family members at gun-point. The dacoits also thrashed and badly tortured children and escaped after collecting cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 10m. The dacoits also snatched away a car from her residence. The police are investigating. Four robbers including a woman riding on a car kidnapped a woman Zarina Bibi soon after she came back after withdrawing cash from National Saving bank in Baghbanpura police area. The robbers collected Rs 3,50,000 and fled away after throwing her in Mughalpura area in broad daylight.