No matter how young you feel, your face will give you away - thats according to a recent survey which found the average woman looked four years older than her actual age. But what about your body? How old - or young - is it compared with your years? And what are the implications for your health? To help you find out, we asked leading experts to help us put together this unique test. Start by writing down your current age and then add or subtract the years suggested according to your answers. Keep a running total and the final score will reveal your true age - then discover what you can do to reverse it. TEST ONE: BRAIN WHAT TO DO: Count backwards in sevens from 100. If you are under 40, it should take no longer than 20 seconds. If you are between 40 and 60, it should take no longer than 40 seconds. WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Take off two years if youre quicker than these times. Add two years if youre slower than these times. TEST TWO: SKIN WHAT TO DO: Place your hand flat on a table and pinch the skin on the back of the hand, grabbing as much as you can. Hold it for one minute, then let go. Watch how long it takes to regain its normal appearance. WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Less than one second: take three years off your age. 1-2 seconds: stay the same. 3-4 seconds: add one year. 5-10 seconds: add two. 11-30 seconds: add three years. TEST THREE: MUSCLES WHAT TO DO: Stand on one leg and hold on to the other by bending it at the knee back towards your buttocks. Place your hands on your hips and close your eyes. Time how long it takes you to lose your balance. WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: If you last one minute, take off four years. For 30 seconds: take off two years. Less than a few seconds: add three years. TEST FOUR: EYES WHAT TO DO: Place one end of a long ruler on your cheekbone, directly below the eye, so it is jutting straight out in front of you. Hold a copy of the Daily Mail as far out along the ruler as you can and slowly move it towards your eye until the words begin to blur. Measure the distance closest to the eye at which the paper can be easily read. WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Less than 15cm: age stays the same. 16-30cm: add one year to your age. 31-60cm: add two years. 61-90cm: add three. More than 90cm: add four years. TEST FIVE: LUNGS WHAT TO DO: Take a regular-sized balloon and a 30cm ruler. Take a deep breath and, in one go, breathe out all the air in your lungs into the balloon. Hold or tie the end, then use a ruler to measure the width of the balloon. If its 7-9cm, this equates to 0.5 litres of air, 10-11cm is 1 litre, 12-13cm is 1.5 litres, 14-16cm is 2-3 litres and 20-22cm is 4-5 litres. WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Less than a litre, add five years. 1-1.5 litres, add three years. 2-3 litres, add one year. 4-5 litres take three years away. TEST SIX: HEARING WHAT TO DO: Listen to your favourite radio show with the sound turned to a quarter of the volume you would usually set it at. Can you hear clearly enough to follow the programme? WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: If it was impossible, add five years to your age. If you could barely make out words and songs, add three. If you could just about make out what was being said, add one. If it wasnt at all difficult to hear, take two years off. TEST SEVEN: TEETH WHAT TO CHECK: Do your gums bleed when you brush them? Do you have bad breath? WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: If your gums bleed, add four years to your age. If you have bad breath, add one year. TEST EIGHT: HEART WHAT TO DO: Measure the circumference of your hips at the widest part of your buttocks. Then measure your waist at its smallest part. Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to produce your waist to hip ratio. For example, if your waist is 28in, and your hips 34in, your ratio is 0.8. WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: For a ratio of 0.7 or less, take a year off your age; if its 0.85, add three; if its more than one, add five years. TEST NINE: LIVER WHAT TO DO: What is the greatest amount of alcohol you drink in any one day each week? WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Three drinks or fewer, take three years off your age. Four drinks, stay the same. Five drinks, add one year. More than five drinks, add three years. -DM