LAHORE The total fertilizer offtake registered a decline of 2 percent to 7.8 million tons in 11 months of the calendar year 2010, with DAP and urea production both falling by 19 percent and 1 percent respectively. Experts said that gas curtailment still remained a major concern for fertilizer manufacturers, which they have compensated by the recent price hike of Rs190 per bag of urea to offset any production losses. According to the National Fertilizer Development Centres latest statistics, the situation, however, changed in the Month of Nov when total fertilizer sales risen by 38 percent to 1.2 million tons mainly owing to a phenomenal 76 percent rise in urea sales. DAP sales; on the other hand, declined by 36 percent to 180k tons. Experts said that despite gas curtailment since April 2010, urea offtake in 11 months of the calendar year 2010 declined by a mere 1 percent to 5.6 million tons. On a monthly basis though, sales volumes witnessed an impressive turnaround to register a growth of 106 percent to 879k tons in November. DAP offtake during 11M2010 remained low, as it decreased by 19 percent to 1.2 million tons. A major factor behind the fall has been the high DAP prices throughout 2010, as average DAP rates are up by 23 percent during the year. In November alone, offtake declined by 36 percent and 52 percent monthly to 180k tons. Monthly decline is largely on account of pre buying witnessed in October on price raise fears.