KARACHI Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs Babar Awan on Tuesday said that Pakistan had received 25 billion dollars during the last 63 years, saying that only 4.5 billion dollars were taken by the democratic government while the rest of the amount had been taken by the military rulers. Addressing the ceremony of Sindh Madrasstul Islam, held at a local hotel, the Federal Minister said that those who demanded the accountability of politicians should also ask for accountability of military rulers. Commenting over the MQMs decision to quit the Federal Cabinet, he said that MQMs grievances were right, saying that the Government would soon resolve the concerns of MQM. He said that MQM chief Altaf Hussain shows political maturity saying that PPP and MQM have similar opinions on public issues, democracy and politics. He added that owing to the problems of rehabilitation of IDPs of Swat and flood disaster the government was not fully concentrated the issues of common people. I was part of the meeting of MQM delegation which met Prime Minister and President and also last night I had a meeting with President here last night and we are hopeful to remove MQMs concerns, Babar said. He said MQM chief Altaf Hussains concern were genuine and he fully agrees with MQM leadership. The MQM has expressed its concern over the socio-economic problems of the people and same were the views of the present government, he added. The Law Minister said that government was determined to resolve the problems of the masses during next two years. He had also praise for JUI chief Fazlur Rehman and said that Rehman played a good role in the coalition government. Difference of opinion is part of the democratic process and do not believe in policy of dictation as had been in the past, he pointed out. He said the government was in no haste and it will complete its tenure and will present people friendly budget in next two years. Babar Awan said that despite global economic meltdown and being in a state of war, the country has achieved significant stability during the last three years and attracted investment as well. He said government has rehabilitated over 2.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Swat and at the same time made efforts to deal with natural disaster of floods which caused huge devastation. To a question about the decisions taken recently by the judiciary, Babar Awan said that present government will always respect the decisions taken by the judiciary. About the anti-corruption drive of the present government, he said that a major move was in the offing to catch big bank defaulters. It would be better for the defaulters to volunteer and surrender the defaulted money, he added. Earlier, Federal Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Babar Awan has said that Sindh Madrassatul Islam College will be upgraded to university level in 2011. I am hopeful that the college will be upgraded to university level, Awan said while addressing a function of the college here on Tuesday. Babar, who is also the convener of the cabinet committee to finalise the draft charter to grant university status to the college, said that the process in this regard will be expedited. Addressing the law students of the college, he said the present government successfully removed all black laws from the constitution inducted from time to time by the dictatorial regimes of the past. There will be no tailored made law to frame or target any individual, he said. Earlier, the principal of the college, Dr. Mohammed Ali Shaikh, gave a detailed presentation on the past, present and future of the college and its historic significance.