In occupied Kashmir, the father of a teenage student, Tufail Ahmad Matoo who was killed by Indian police on June 11, this year, has said that Indian secret agencies are forcing him to drop the case. According to Kashmir Media Service, Ashraf Matoo, the father of the martyred student, in a media interview in Srinagar said, various people belonging to secret agencies come in civvies and threaten us of dire consequences. He said that the circumstances had become so worse for him that he was feeling unsafe even in his home now. "The only thing they want me to do is to stop talking about the killing of my son. They also coerce me to drop the case of my son and take compensation," Ashraf said. "You tell me can a father fix price for the corpse of his son. He was priceless. What I want is justice," he added. Ashraf Matoo said that he was mulling to approach international embassies in New Delhi to seek asylum. "There is no choice, but to flee. Nobody is either supporting or coming forward to make our lives safe even if we have made public that we receive threats. I want safety and want to live in peace along with my family," he added. The bereaved father said that he would approach international human rights bodies if his son's case was not taken to logical conclusion. "I have already shot letters to Amnesty International and other international bodies to take cognizance of the death of my son and other boys who were martyred in police and CRPF firing," he said. He also pointed out that the police was not investigating the case properly. It is pertinent to mention here that Tufail Matoo was on his way to tuition from home when he was hit in the head by a tear smoke shell and died on the spot. His killing sparked off forceful demonstrations and in the subsequent uprising over 112 innocent Kashmiris, mostly teenagers, fell to the bullets of Indian police and troops on peaceful protesters only in five months.