KARACHI The administration of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) have reached an agreement of not switching off the electricity of Al-Karam Square, Apsara Apartment and Kornagi area after witnessing the worst law and order situation in these respective areas. The source said the agreement was made due to avoid another law and order situation in these respective areas, adding that the one month before the KESC had disconnected their electricity over non-payment of dues and bills and in retaliation the area people, who deprived of the electricity for more than one day created the law and order situation. He said the area belonged to lower and lower middle class and the KESC administration demanded them forcibly to pay all previous dues of the apartments, adding that these people already become the victims of inflations unemployment and joblessness, how they could be able to pay bills of million of rupees. He said regarding this, when the KESC have disconnected their connections, the area witnessed worst law and order situation and after the interference of area representatives, the agreement could be signed. According KESC spokesman, at both places Liaqatabad and Korangi, Members of Parliament and representatives of local associations convened meetings among all stakeholders and played their due role by motivating the consumers to stop illegal use of electricity and for agreeing to schedule of payment of longstanding electricity bills. He said at Liaquatabad, Senator Haseeb Khan, MPA Anwar Alam, and Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister Khwaja Izhar organised a meeting among representatives of the non-paying commercial and residential consumers of Al Karam Square and Apsara Apartments and KESC officials. In the meeting, the associations and representatives of defaulting commercial and residential consumers of both the projects agreed to schedule of paying outstanding dues. The spokesman said the KESC provided facility of easy instalments of the longstanding dues. Under the agreement, all missing meters would be reinstalled to regularise the billing, and the supply of residential and commercial customers would be segregated as per their due tariff category. All the associations would support KESC teams to undertake the execution of meter changes and the segregation process and would cooperate for taking legal action against customers who would violate the agreement he added. The spokesman further informed that in Korangi, as many as 11 PMTs of commercial areas had been disconnected early last week as the defaulting consumers had to pay longstanding arrears of around Rs 45 million. These PMTs were reconnected later, on the assurance of elected representatives belonging to that area. He said a coordination committee comprising of KESC management and local representatives was formed to support the implementation of the package and to resolve any future issues relating to details of the package. The members of Parliament appreciated reconnection of the 11 disconnected PMTs and assured the KESC of their full support.