It would not be out of place to compare the US to a rogue elephant that causes great damage wherever it goes. Running amok in Iraq and Afghanistan, it has been venting its spite on Pakistan through drone attacks, whose victims have largely been innocent civilians. The pity is that it is our very own government elected to power through a popular vote which is complicit in this bloodshed of hapless tribesmen. On Monday, there were two attacks in North Waziristan in quick succession killing 21 people and wounding six others. While these drones were causing destruction of life and property, the NATO helicopters entered our airspace in the region of Torkham. Though they did not fire any missile, it is clear that their intrusion was meant to simply convey the point that our sovereignty was of no value to them. An important reason why the Americans have stepped up drone attacks, apart from NATOs helicopters forays into our territory, is because of the Obama Administrations sinister plan to extend the scope of warfare in Pakistan, including hawkish designs to do ground operations. Secondly, the Americans for long have set their eyes on North Waziristan. Given the reluctance of Pakistan Army to launch an operation there, they have themselves intensified the drone attacks. It is high time for our civilian leadership as well as the armed forces to call for an end to these attacks. In view of the massacre of the people in FATA, as a result of drone strikes, questions are being raised whether the US financial assistance is meant to placate Islamabad. As proven time and again, far from tackling militancy, the drone attacks tend to serve as a windfall for insurgency. Besides, it is Pakistan which is directly facing the fallout of this aerial warfare in the form of mass casualties. We must protect our sovereignty, no matter what the cost, even if that means, giving up the US alliance or even shooting down the drones.