Mothers are far better drivers than fathers, according to their most frequent passengers their children. It is not just mothers skills and safety that make them better behind the wheel, but also that they play car games and even tell jokes when driving. The frank assessment, from a poll of children between six and 15, could shed new light on the old assumption that men are better drivers than women. Dads are seen as risk-takers by seven in ten children, while four in ten feel safer with their mother at the wheel for a rush-hour trip. Almost a third 30 per cent of the children surveyed by car hire firm Budget said they prefer to travel with their mother driving because they talk to them more. This appears to go hand-in-hand with feeling safe, with 40 per cent more likely to choose their mother, compared with 26 per cent their father, as a safer driver. About 70 per cent said their fathers are more likely to have near-misses, speed, take risks or get angry with other drivers. Stuart Liddle, spokesman for Budget, said: 'Children have a unique backseat view of their parents driving capabilities. While mothers won out as childrens preferred drivers, technical skills let them down. About 60 per cent said their father is better at reversing and parking, and 62 per cent said their mother is most likely to stall the car or get lost. DM