US PRESIDENT Obama is not in the habit of changing his mind often. But White House aides say he has finally done just that after giving up smoking for nine months. Press secretary Robert Gibbs said he has not witnessed any evidence of the president having a cigarette since March, when a medical examination advised to give up the habit. Speaking to CNNs State Of The Union, Mr Gibbs said Mr Obama 'has done enormously well in quitting. He said: 'It was a commitment that I think he made to himself at the end of the health care and with his two daughters in mind. Mr Gibbs also confirmed the news on Twitter, saying 'POTUS hasnt had a cigarette in about nine months. Mr Obama still chews Nicorette gum, but the nine months is the longest time he has gone without smoking, he added. In March, the presidents first medical examination since taking office at the Navy hospital outside Washington confirmed he had not given up smoking. Mr Obama is sensitive about the habit and often short with reporters who raise it with him. He promised his wife Michelle when he began his presidential campaign in 2008 that he would quit. He had been smoking up to eight cigarettes a day. Last year, he told reporters that he had given up but still had an occasional cigarette. The medical examination revealed he was in excellent health and required little medication, apart from an anti-inflammatory associated with physical activity including playing basketball at the White House. CBS News