ISLAMABAD - So much hype was created before the start of the ongoing New Zealand tour of Pakistan cricket team but as usual the result like past is a much disappointed one, as the tourists lost both of their opening Twenty20 matches from a team that was easily beaten by India and Bangladesh quite recently. The Green Shirts were completely outplayed by the Kiwis who were not even at full strength, as their captain Daniel Vittori and star wicketkeeper batsman Brendon McCullum are both out due to injuries. Even then they easily managed to beat Pakistani side. As long as the ICC doesn't decide the fate of tainted cricketers - Mohammad Aamer, Muhammad Asif and Salman Butt - Pakistan is feared to suffer heavily in the near future too, as both Aamer and Asif are the backbone of Pakistani bowling squad and without them the bowling clearly lacks the killer instant which is required to destroy the opponents batting line-up. The double standard of ICC is now clearly visible as it was witnessed time and again and the latest example is of Australian Captain Ricky Ponting who kept on arguing with the umpires and was just fined 40 per cent of his match fee rather than being banned for bringing the game in dispute. The ICC doesn't care about the so-called gentlemen of cricket but never miss a chance to severely punish an Asian player, specially if it is from Pakistan as our associations are too scared to help their players even though when they are completely innocent. The PCB has to change its attitude towards dealing with ICC as the time is ripe to adopt a clear-cut policy in dealing with the highest body that governs the cricket affairs all over the world. If these three players are guilty, then give them exemplary punishment so no one dare do this again but if all three are innocent then for God's sake don't destroy their carriers. Mohammad Aamer is so young and full of talent. He is the bright future of Pakistan cricket team and country needs him desperately. It is the right of the people to know what is exactly happening in their case. At least the PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt must ensure that as long as the ICC verdict against these players is pending, let them play and if they are found guilty then they should be stopped from playing. Who will be responsible for the loss of Pakistan team if all these players found innocent seems not a out of place question? Despite all efforts to find evidence against these players, the ICC and its other allies have so far failed to justify that these players did anything wrong. As it was expected, New Zealand tour proved a tough one and Black Caps are almost unbeatable at home. The Pakistani team needs to act fast before all is lost. The PCB must act now in the best interests of the team and the entire nation. Unless the ICC provides the evidence against the players who are allegedly involved in the spot-fixing saga or else, let them play for their country. Being a past world champions, Pakistan deserve the due respect from the ICC and the ICC is duty-bound to hold a free and fair probe into this matter rather than applying a biased approach against Pakistani players.