ISLAMABAD - The proposed Local Government Bill seeking to revive commissionerate system in Sindh province has pushed one of the PPPs key allies in the ruling coalition, the MQM to quit the federal cabinet as mark of protest. Political sources privy to these developments told The Nation on Tuesday that proposed draft bill, which is likely to be presented in the provincial assembly on January 7, added fuel to fire forcing the MQM to quit the federal cabinet. Sources said that PPPs move has angered the MQM, which had serious reservations over the revival of commissionerate system. Both the ruling allies PPP and MQM have been at loggerheads over the revival of commissionerate system in the province as it would marginalise the political clout of MQM in major cities in Sindh including Karachi and Hyderabad. Sources were of the view that MQM had enjoyed tremendous power under the devolution of power regime introduced by the former President General (r) Prevez Musharraf through Nazmeen. Sources said that MQM which did not want abolition of that law that provided the then district nazims with massive powers including imposition of section 144, has decided to quit the ruling coalition at the centre led by the PPP. However, MQM is still part f the ruling coalition in the Sindh province.