LAHORE-Following Punjab governments decision to amend Punjab Assemblys rules of procedure to authorise the Speaker to appoint and remove Leader of the Opposition in the House in line with the decision of National Assembly, the PML-Q forward bloc has decided to capture the slot of Opposition leader once the amendment is through. 'I will write to the Speaker to appoint me Leader of the Opposition since I command the support of majority of members of PML-Qs Parliamentary party in Punjab Assembly, head of Forward Bloc Dr. Tahir Ali Javed told TheNation on Tuesday. It has been learnt that Punjab government has finalised the draft of new changes to be made in Assemblys rules of procedure and the same is now awaiting Cabinets approval. Secretary Punjab Assembly Maqsood Malik confirmed the development while talking to this scribe on Tuesday. It is to be noted that National Assembly approved changes in its rules of procedure a couple of days back to enact a procedure regarding removal and appointment of Leader of the Opposition in the House. 'Though it is not mandatory under the law for Provincial Assemblies to amend their relevant rules accordingly, but as per Parliamentary traditions, the Treasury in Punjab Assembly has also decided to amend its rules to bring them in conformity with those of the Federal legislature, said a source in Punjab Assembly. Dr. Tahir Ali, who claims to have support of 49 members of PML-Qs Parliamentary party out of total 81, further told TheNation that his group was ready to sit on Opposition benches provided the slot of Opposition leader is given to them. He said he had written to the Speaker earlier in June 2009 that he be appointed Parliamentary leader of his group since he commanded support of 49 members. When his attention was drawn towards an apparent contradiction in Forward Blocs current role of being supporter of the PML-N and the intended new role of Opposition in Punjab Assembly, Dr Tahir replied that no law prevented the Opposition members from supporting the Treasury on any issue. It merits mentioning here that Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said a few days back that proposed new amendment in Assembly rules would not affect the status of present Leader of the Opposition, Ch Zaheeruddin Ahmad, as Forward Bloc would not like to have the slot due to its affiliation with the PML-N. But contrary to his expectations, Forward Blocs head wants to replace Zaheeruddin and is ready to sit on Opposition benches along with his entire team, though he insists that he would continue to support the PML-N despite acquiring the new role of Opposition.