Some of our politicians and analysts have come down hard on Frontier Corps (FC) for arresting Shahzain Bugti along with 27 others, traveling in a 16-vehicle convey laden with small and heavy weapons. According to them, the FC is not supposed to do so. Some are of the view that the FC manhandled Shahzain and that the Police should have handled the case, in a better way. Amidst this criticism on FC by some sections, Shahzain was trying to get immunity. He accused the FC of implicating him on concocted charges at the behest of their superiors. Police and FC officials displayed the seized weapons and ammunitions before the media and said that Shahzain allegedly wanted to smuggle them to Quetta. First of all, the FC, a paramilitary force of Balochistan, has been called in by the provincial government itself for maintaining law and order situation. One wonders how could the FC permit Shahzains convey without any checking and search. As far as the police is concerned, the Inspector General of Balochistan Malik Muhammad Iqbal was also present there. He informed the media men that a case had been registered against Shahzain. He also told that a joint investigation team was formed to probe the matter and that Shahzain would be given an opportunity to produce evidence through which he could prove his innocence. I think, the culprits do not deserve any kind of sympathises. Those who are showing their concerns over Shahzains arrest are actually strengthening anti-Pakistan elements. They should know the fact that the huge arms cache were not meant for anyones security but to harm the state and to instigate separatist movement on the behest of India. Law of the land should be respected by each and every citizen. Afraz Ahmed, Multan, December 28.