LAHORE - Tehrik-i-Namoos-i-Risalat Convener and JUP President Dr Abolkhair Mu-hammad Zubair says traders organisations and political parties have assured the TNR of a complete strike across the country on December 31. He said the strike would make it clear to the rulers that the nation was opposed to any change to the Blasphemy Law. In an address at Aiwan-i-Waqt on Tuesday, he said the Blasphemy Law provided a shelter to the accused against any mob justice, and should not be amended. He alleged that the government was advancing its political agenda on the pretext of this law. Doubting the governments assurances that it had no plan to amend the law, the TNR convener said if the government did not want to bring about any change, why had it referred the matter to the National Assemblys standing committee. Similarly, he said, why the government had not taken action against its MNA Sherry Rehman, who had moved a bill for the purpose, and the Punjab governor who had spoken against the law. He was critical of Sunni Ittehad Tehrik chief Sahibzada Fazle Karim for his support to what he called 'Sunni-ism, as a result of which sectarianism was getting promoted. He recalled that the leader from Faisalabad had twice been invited to an all-party conference for a joint struggle in favour of Blasphemy Law, but he had declined the invitation because of the presence of leaders of other sects. Lashing out at the present rulers for their policies, the TNR chief alleged that they were more subservient to the United States than even Gen Musharraf.