There have been many businessmen in Pakistan who have earned billion of rupees but are found evading paying taxes. These businessmen have never been caught by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) which shows the incompetence of the institution. FBR has totally failed in this regard and because of less generated income tax government imposes sales tax on everyday items delving into the pocket of the poor man again and again.However it is also surprising to see that some of these rich businessmen do not pay income tax but give a lot of money when it comes to philanthropy. Without naming any businessmen few of these have given even millions of rupees to charity, but the real problem is that these big business owners’ pay sales tax not income tax which is very little compared to their business revenue. Most of the people in Pakistan also evade incomes tax; the salaried class is forced to pay income tax by their companies. According to FBR reports most of the people who are running hotels, restaurants, general stores, laundries or any other business are not paying any income tax.However it is very obvious that the so-called democratic government will not do anything regarding the ongoing tax evasion. It is only hoped that one day FBR becomes an effective and credible institute that catches tax evaders in Pakistan.MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, December 8.