LAHORE - Senior doctors from all six teaching hospitals in the City on Friday announced a movement for restoration of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) in its original shape.

Declaring existing PMA a non representative body, they vowed to continue struggle for free, fair and transparent elections with giving all doctors opportunity to contest for any slot and caste vote. Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club along with senior doctors from teaching and general cadres and family physicians, newly elected president of the movement Prof Sami Mumtaz said that unfortunately the PMA lost its credibility for not holding elections.

Prof Sami Mumtaz said the PMA had lost its value as no elections were held since 1994.

“A group of doctors is holding elections at own to give offices to favourites. PMA is doing nothing for doctor’s community. Two years back, over 2,000 doctors contacted these self proclaimed PMA representatives for membership but they got no response. Dr Ahmad Saleem, Dr Mohammad Javeed, Dr Shazia Ali, Dr Rao Faheem, Dr Talha Niazi, Dr Rehana Kanwal, Dr Shahzad, Dr Ayub, Dr Attiqur Rehman, Dr Hammad, Prof Fahim Malik, Dr Safdar Sial, Prof Aftab Asif, Dr Mohmmad Riaz, Prof Farough Tahira, Dr Adil, Prof Aman ur Rehman, Dr Rai Saeed and others were also present.

CLEANLINESS WEEK: Paramedical Staff Association of Lahore General Hospital has decided to observe Cleanliness Week from January 1 at the hospital.

All the staff members will participate in this campaign and no sanitary worker will go on leave during this period.

This was decided at a meeting of PSA held on Friday with Rahmat Sandhu in the chair. The participants expressed the commitment to ensure neat and clean atmosphere for the patients. They resolved to maintain hygienic and healthy environment from hospital’s gate to the patients’ beds and through doctor’s hostel to residential colony including all the departments of the hospital.

Addressing the meeting, Rahmat Sandhu and Rana Parvez said the Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute & GH Prof Anjam Habib Vohra had won the hearts of the hospital’s employees by restoring all the sanitary workers on the eve of Christmas.