When Pakistan’ ex-Ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, wrote the book titled ‘Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military’; he invited wrath of all those quarters who were implicated in his book. But that was 2005 when Pakistan was being pulled apart by these two forces. We are now in 2012 wherein some other forces have taken over this task. These forces have a new weapon in their hands with which they may shoot anyone daring to stand in their way.  A certain segment of the society is now armed with blasphemy law which is available to settle scores, resolve property disputes, evacuate occupied (legal or illegal) land etc. On the other hand, Superior Courts are using the Contempt charges to implicate politicians, ministers, bureaucrats, police officers. Those shot down or being implicated in contempt cases include ex-prime minster Yousif Gilani, present prime minster Raja Ashraf, ex-law minster Babar Awan, Interior minister Rehman Malik, Sindh cabinet minters Sharjeel Memon and Taj Haider, real estate tycoon Malik Riaz, numerous government officers and functionaries.  Now Supreme Court has issued contempt charges against MQM chief Altaf Husain on his criticism of judges during a speech he gave regarding hearing on Karachi unrest case. Earlier Justice Jamali remarked that Karachi constituencies shall be re-arranged in such a manner that no party (read MQM) shall have monopoly over the Karachi seats. Altaf Husain also took exception to court’ order to implement delimitation of constituencies and pointed out that as per constitution census shall be held prior to adjustment/delimitation of constituencies. Court has found Altaf’ speech as contempt of the court and asked him to attend the court in person to face the charges. We see this whole exercise by Supreme Court which may be an attempt in good faith to improve law and order situation in Karachi, ending up without gaining much perhaps. It is in everybody’s interest not to provoke unnecessary issues and work for peaceful upcoming election.  MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, December 15.