LAKKI MARWAT - Elders of Betanni tribe have demanded of the government to pay heed to the problems of tribesmen and take measures for the provision of basic necessities of life to them.

The elders held a meeting in Harama Tala village on Friday and took up for discussion matters pertaining to area problems and political affiliation with Saifullah brothers in coming elections. Among others Malik Haji Shezada, Malik Abdul Hamid Khan, Malik Haji Wakil Khan, Malik Haji Sattar Khan, Malik Aslam Khan, Malik Meer Sahib Shah, Malik Muhammad Hussain Khan and Malik Ajmal Khan.

Speaking at the meeting they said that Harama Tala locality was kept deprived of uplift opportunities in the past. They said that local politicians except influential Saifullahs ignored the area and kept the tribesmen deprived of essential needs.

They told that Saifullah bothers launched developmental schemes in the entire district to bring it on par with other developed parts of the province.

The Betanni tribal chiefs said that they did not join any other political party or group and would support Saifullah brothers in coming polls.

“Only Saifullahs have the capability to address the problems of Betanni tribesmen and bring development the area”, they maintained.