It was not easy to beat the defending champions India in the Asian Champion’s Trophy final, all the more so when it was a combination of struggle and luck that we were able to make it to the final. The factor that made India favourite was its stunning performance throughout the tournament, though in the opinion of the Indian coach, Pakistan was the stronger side.The match turned out to be a nail-biter from the very first minute to the last with both the teams conscious of their traditional rivalry particularly last year when India defeated Pakistan in this tournament’s final. This time around, as the shootout ensued, no one could have predicted the outcome. Pakistan edged its way onwards when Muhammad Waqas scored a goal at a crucial stage, giving the team a 4-3 lead. India equalised but buoyed up by their energy, Pakistan did not look back and scored the decisive fifth goal to grab the trophy at 5-4. Appreciation for the entire team is a must. It also speaks a lot about the diligence with which the management has been working to regain the lost glory. The changes they have incorporated notably giving a chance to the youngsters is proving to be a success. The key to be on the winning streak lies in reliance on virtues of a rigorous training regime alongside a keen participation in the international circuit.