According to our politicians this is a good omen for Pakistan that the democratic government will complete its five year term in March 2013. As election season approaches, majority of politicians fasten their belts to deceive the poor nation once again. PPP and its collation, under the supervision of Asif Ali Zardari is suggesting that the people should forget their worries because their country is going to complete five year term of democracy. What happened in the last five year was dreadful, democracy brought affliction we had not dreamed of, just to name a few, the absence of CNG, shortage of electricity in summer, and gas in winter. This nation still remembers the attitude of Zardari and his cohorts when it came to restoration of the judiciary. We have wasted four years in writing a letter to Swiss authority against Zardari and for what? Collation partner of PPP gave full support to this government to plunder the assets of the nation. It is the fruit of this democracy that Zardari and his three children are jet setting all over the world, at the expense of the poor Pakistanis. Prices of utilities are sky high and the poor weep every night. People are sick of the chant of democracy that gave nothing to the poor of this country. Is democracy just a word, or should we have expected something better from this government? Everyone is asking this question, how are we better now than we were in Musharraf’s dictatorship?ZAHID RASHID,Azad Kashmir, December 13.