Umair Arshad


Make a living through blogging if you are an unemployed teenager or man and looking for a way to earn then why not makes a living through blogging. In this way, you don’t need to face the harsh weather, bottleneck public transport and pitiless boss. A blog is a type of website where people can share their views, interests and products online.

You can write whatever you want whenever you want on your blog without worrying about getting an approval. Since everything is now connected to the internet through one way or another, so do the blogs and websites and as long as there is internet there are blogs.

Registering a blog is not a difficult job, all you need is an address of your blog know as domain of the blog and a web server to host your site contents, you can easily setup a blog by yourself with a little help from Google search and with the support of the registering company. The main part of blogging is to create a content which people loves to read. If you want to make blogging as your career than the niche of your blog should be specific.

In simple words you cannot make living by just writing about your life so you need to be unique and write trendy topics to get readers attention and make a progressive living. Once you have a large number of readers on your blog, you can earn from paid advertisement, sponsored content, freelancer work and you can also sell products like e-books, e-courses through your blog.  If your contents are authentic and of high class then any big company may hire you to write for it, apart from these you can also add contextual ads on your site which are provided by several companies like Google, infolinks and many more.

 Not only all these sources will generate revenue for you, but they will also increase your reputation in the online market media and more people will know about you. This profession of blogging requires passion, creativity and patience. Consistency can play vital role in your blogging career.