LAHORE - The Punjab government has evolved a mechanism to regulate and keep the market prices under a strict control, and tasked the elected representatives of the PML-N to play an active role for controlling prices of daily use items.

The Punjab government has also decided to expand the model bazaars to district level to ensure the availability of vegetables, fruits, poultry and other items of daily use at affordable rates.  Talking to the MPs from various districts here Saturday, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that keeping prices of the essential items strictly within reach of the common man is the prime focus of the government and it would continue to act upon the price control mechanism in the future as well. He said the supply of quality items at affordable rates and eradication of illegal profiteering is also a priority of the government. In view of the success of the model bazaars in Lahore, the government would take similar steps throughout the province.

The CM said that proactive role of the elected representatives is of vital importance for stabilising the prices. The government assigned the MPs responsibilities of stabilising prices for providing relief to the masses in a real sense. He said that elected representatives should take action against profiteers and hoarders in their respective areas without any discrimination.

Shahbaz said that he did not accept any pressure with regard to removing corrupt chairmen and secretaries from their posts and improving the system of market committees.  He said that corrupt chairmen were removed from their posts by taking indiscriminate action so that affairs of the market committees could be run transparently and corrupt elements be taken to the task. He said that the role played by the MPs to monitor prices of daily items of use is highly commendable and added every possible step is being taken to protect the public interest.

The CM said the MPs and officials showing outstanding performance in the implementation of price control mechanism would be encouraged and given commendatory certificates, while those showing poor performance would be reprimanded.