MAILSI -:  The government hospitals across the district are facing administrative, academic and financial problems due to the non-posting of EDO Health.  It is also feared that the crisis will aggravate if the government delays the posting of the EDO further.

The slot of Vehari EDO Health has been lying vacant for the past so many months which has resulted in many serious problems for the healthcare dispensation in the district.  The patients disclosed this when this scribe visited some govt hospitals here in the district the other day.

Due to the absence the EDO Health, the government hospitals have been facing acute shortage of medicines and doctors are not attending to patients and leave hospital before time, preferring their private hospitals and clinics.  The residents of the area including Ch Fiaz Hashmat, Sana Ullah Qureshi, Sarfaraz Khan, Javaid Bhatti, Ifthkar and Shahid Bhutta appealed to Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif to appoint EDO Health in Vehari district.