FAISALABAD - The district administration has directed the market committee staff to ensure auctions through public address system in fruit and vegetables markets so that the general public could keep abreast of the wholesale prices of commodities.

It was directed during a meeting presided over by the district coordination officer. He said that the Punjab government was committed to controlling prices, profiteering and hoardings of the essential commodities. He asked the market committee staff to implement the price control system devised by the government in letter and spirit and warned that no negligence and carelessness would be tolerated in this regard.

He also ordered regular monitoring of auctions and a stern action against the elements creating troubles and disorder in the process.

 He directed for installation of electronic price boards in the markets without delay for the information of retail and wholesale price of essential goods.

 During the meeting, the development projects of vegetable markets Sadhar-Jhang Road and Ghulam Muhammadabad were also came under discussion.