PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police have been equipped with the latest SIM technology to trace and identify stolen and unregistered vehicles within seconds in the province.

Officials sources said that all the required information about the vehicle's registration, chassis number, colour, owner and identity cards would be available to police in just two seconds on their mobile phones.

So far, some 75 SIMS have initially been handed over to police for the purpose to trace out such vehicles in the province. The sources said that police while using these SIMS, have already traced more than 100 stolen vehicles.

According to police mostly stolen or unregistered vehicles are used in carrying out terror attacks and general crimes. Apart from, it would help that citizens will now not have to wait for weeks or months to clear their vehicles. The sources said that it would help to clear unregistered vehicles as well as make identity of stolen vehicles easily.