LAHORE - Chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema Islam, Samiul Haq has said that the impression that Taliban do not accept the constitution of Pakistan is wrong.

Addressing a press conference Saturday after a meeting of party office bearers at Masjid Kubra, the JUI-S chief said that the Taliban are against the government which was not enforcing Sharia in the country. He said the constitution of the country guaranteed Islamic system, and Taliban believe the rulers were rebels of Islam.

Sami clarified that no talks were underway between the government and the Taliban because, he alleged, the government was under US pressure for not to hold peace negotiations with TTP. He said Taliban were demanding sureties for their security and that of other citizens against the implementation of US agenda in the country, but government was unable to guarantee that Pakistan would be free from US dictation and control.

JUI-S chief said that Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf was a ‘national criminal’ and he should be given exemplary punishment to deter the future adventurists from violating the constitution and laws of the land. Samiul Haq said the judiciary in the country had so far failed in delivering justice to the citizens and establishing people’s confidence over the justice system. He said influential ‘criminals’ like Musharraf had been enjoying immunity and continuing to violate the laws of land.

He emphasised that his party and he himself had been striving for the supremacy of Islamic law in the country and defending the nation against the conspiracies of enemies of Islam. He said the struggle would continue till the elimination of present exploitative capitalist system in the country.

Sami warned that unless Pakistan decided to get out of the US war on terror, the peace and stability would not return. He said the JUI-S would play its due role to free the nation from US slavery. He said in this regard JUI-S would organise itself at every level. He said the members of JUI-S would work as frontline soldiers.

Earlier, JUI-F office bearers meeting was chaired by Makhdoom Manzoor Ahmed and attended by central nazim elections Syed Muhammad Yousif Shah, party’s central spokesman Abdulur Raof Farooqi, Asim Makhdoom, Khalilur Rehman Haqani, Safdar Qasmi, Mufti Khalid, Altaur Rehman, Ayub Daskavi, Syed Ahmed Shah Akwarvi, Qudratullah Arif, Abdul Hafeez Khokar, Ghaziud Din Babar, Hafiz Siddique, Gulzar Ahmed Awan, Qazi Abdul Hameed, Qari Rehmatullah Lashari and others.