Sadly, the federal government has what appears to be almost restricted the commercial usage of gas to the commercial sector perhaps owing to the shortage faced by the domestic sector.

Though the government may think that it has addressed the issue, it only goes to show that it has failed miserably. Just like many other crucial crisis, this has also been consigned to a quick-fix rather than a permanent solution.

It is no wonder all educational institutes are now encouraging their students to come up with projects that deal with the current problems such as producing cheap energy and fuel. There was even a report revealing that when one such man, who was actually an electrician invented a machine to produce cheap power and energy, he literally disappeared, just like so many missing persons.

In reality, some of these projects are feasible to the point that they can actually be put to action, following certain strategies. The pity is that no one amongst our ruling class seems to have the vision or the foresight to utilize the genius of such enterprising people. We want solar panels either from China or Germany or worse nuclear energy from the US.

This government seems to be following in the footsteps of the previous PPP government by shelving all issues except for those that give them some mileage and that too on personal basis. Front page advertisements of what they desire, want and think are wasting millions from the hard earned kitty of the taxpayers. The need of the time is to take the bull by the horns and tame it once and for all.


Islamabad, December 26.