Saeen Zahoor Ahmad who is a folk singer and famous for a lot of folk compositions in which ‘’Allah Hu’’ is his top composition was the only reason of setting him towards the success. He is also famous for the stability of voice taking deep on one scale. He came to the public attention in 1989 when he gave a public performance at that year’s All Pakistan Music Conference. Saieen is illiterate, however has studied music and Sufi kalam under Ustad Saieen Raunka Ali at the school of Patiyala Gharana. He has also studied music with musicians based at Uch Sharif. He accompanies his singing by playing Tumba, which is the tree-string version of Ektara.

Sunday Plus team goes to him. Many questions were asked about his journey, lifestyles, cultural and ethical issues of the music industry. He spoke like a traditionalist but admired the ability to change with the modern trends.

When talked about his journey and the reason for not doing anything for getting fame? He answered, “Saeen Zahoor isn’t the big name; God is the big name who has made Saeen Zahoor famous. I was a five year old child when I saw a dream that one hand is beckoning me towards shrine and that at the age of 13, walking past a shrine in Uch Sharif, someone waved at me with his hand, inviting me in, and I suddenly realized that it was this hand that I had seen in my dream.”

Asking that why he didn’t record his voice in a proper form until 2006 for the folk music lovers. His answer was, “ I was not interested in materialism and getting fame. People get to know about me when I got an award of best voice in ‘’BBC Radio 3 World Music Award’’. I was recognized in people by Faizan Peerzada of Rafi Peer Theatre. I will never forget the efforts done by Faizan and Rafi Peer Theatre for me. I will always remember Faizan in my good books. After Faizan I am still working with Rafi Peer Theatre.”

Asking about participation in Coke studio second time and the experience of working with Rohail Hayyat? He gave good compliments for Rohail Hayyat and his work.

“Coke studio is no doubt the biggest level of Pakistani music industry. Participating second time was a very good experience for me. This season Rohail has collaborated with some international musicians. Many artistes have faced difficulties while working with them but being a senior artist I went there and recorded my vocal. Rest of the work was done by the coke studio team.”

When asked about the betterment of Pakistani music industry, and also what role coke studio is playing in this regard, he said “Coke studio is doing a very good job and we should appreciate their efforts for making the music industry better. This time coke studio has given a new level to music through international musicians.”

Talking about musical inspiration, according to him we should not love materialism. One day everything is going to be end. “We should have derived our self towards spiritualism. It is never ending relation. I was always been inspired by Sufis and spiritualism,” said Saeen.

On asking about adopting Toomba he said, “Reason for adopting this instrument is that it is related to Sufis. It has some magic which touch’s the bottom of your heart. Most of the Sufis played it and inspired their listeners.”

About improving his vocal quality he said, “For improvising the vocal qualities everyone needs to do practice on a wide range. Without practice it is not possible to control the voice on different scales. I do practice daily to improvise my vocal quality. This practice is called ‘’Riyaz’’ on different Sur and Raag. It is necessary to do practice to keep the voice in proper form”.

Asking about the experience for working in a movie ‘’Khuda Kay Liye’’, he answered ‘’I didn’t sing for that movie. They copied my song without asking me. I didn’t claim on the movie makers that why they did that. Nothing matters if they copied my song. People will still remember Saeen Zahoor for this act. They always know that this was sung by me.’’

Speaking about his personal lifestyle and living trend; he told he is not living a materialistic life. ‘I am derived towards the spiritualism which is never going to be end. I have spent my most of the life on shrines and singing in the festivals. I haven’t done anything for getting myself popular in the public. I am living a very simple life. As far my family is doing the same thing which I have done. We are not interested in materialism. “

On asking about any scholarship from government, he said, “Current government isn’t giving anything to the senior artistes who are representing the culture and traditions. Previous governments have done a lot for us. We will never forget the efforts done by previous governments. We request our current government to do something for our scholarship. We don’t have any other source of earning. This is the only bread and butter for us”.

Talking about his family and if someone in his children is getting training from his; he stated that he has three sons and one of his son is his student. He is learning music from him.  “Now he will take place of Saeen Zahoor and he will represent the folk singing and culture” he told.

Finally asked about the current situations of Pakistan; his answer was, ‘’Being a Pakistani I am very sad on the present situations. I pray for the betterment of these deadly situations’’

After being benefitted from the conversation of a legendary singer Sunday plus team sought to leave the place with his permission and in all this span of time it seemed to be in a different world, which was full with peace, love and affection.