Pakistan once used to be a popular tourist attraction. It is common knowledge that what led to the tragic flight of curious foreigners from the beauty of our land is nothing but unprecedented terrorism and full of axe and knives wielding Taliban. One cannot assuage the real fears of potential tourists; even the most adventurous souls are not adventurous enough to brave the security threats awaiting them.

Tourism is an important source of revenue for any country that has the potential to showcase the wealth of natural beauty as we have in abundance in Pakistan. It is important that we come up with solutions, which rekindle the business to the extent that our tourism industry finds some of the footing that it once enjoyed.

We could privatize the tourism industry and gave it a chance to flourish by providing security to the busses which could depart on time from major cities or build more small airports to accommodate tourism. Areas such as Gilgit and Chitral are hidden treasures that no one has explored till now. Polo started from Chitral which was the royal game played by the royal family that ruled there. We could ask some citizens, such as the royal families of Chitral and Swat to help in developing their areas.

This is not an impossible task; it only requires the ruling dispensation to look at it and see the advantage for the country. It just requires the will of the people as well as the rulers to put their house in order, shun militancy and stop pandering to the militants. Let’s for once depend on our own resources and our intelligence.


Karachi, December 23.