LONDON-From the most palatial of gin palaces to the world’s poshest B&B where a week’s stay won’t leave you any change from £2.2million.

These are the ultimate holiday destinations for the world’s mega-rich and super famous.

So if you happen to have a spare few million burning a hole in your pocket, why not check in to the ultimate ski chalet or rent your own private Caribbean island? Of course you can rest assured that every whim you can think of will be well and truly catered for.

The gin palace on steroids - £441,000

You can explore the bottom of the ocean around the Caribbean while someone tops up your glass of Dom Perignon. Closer to the surface, a flunkie will film you swimming with manta rays and introducing yourself to friendly sharks. Back on board there’s a recompression chamber and toys galore (a 32ft waterslide, trampoline, outdoor gym, Jacuzzi) and, of course, a heliport at the stern.

The ultimate safari - £52,000

At Singita Serengeti House - which opened in January on Sasakwa Hill in north Tanzania - you may feel so special you expect the animals to seek you out rather than you having to look for them. Rented on an exclusive-use-only basis, it sleeps eight in four suites and is right on the migratory route of the wildebeest. Singita means ‘place of miracles’ and when you’ve got 350,000 acres to yourself but can still watch a family of elephants bathing from your bedroom window, you might agree.

Private Paradise Island - £300,000

The Cohens, a French family of estimable means, bought 50-acre Calivigny Island, off the south coast of Grenada in 2000 and spent more than £100?million developing it. Only in the past couple of years has the private island been available for rent. 

The bullet-proof chalet - £230,000

Chalet N is the world’s most expensive rental chalet at £231,088 per week. It overlooks the slopes of Oberlech just down the valley from Lech in the Austrian Alps.

This is its second season (singers Tina Turner and Rihanna were debut visitors last year) and although not even the white-hot price can guarantee snow, everything else is taken care of.