LAHORE  - Young Leaders’ Conference, now in its 12th year, is currently being held at the Dreamworld Resort in Karachi. Over 300 participants from 25 different cities have joined the event to partake in intelligent discourse, youthful jubilance and to venture into a journey of self-awakening.

The 3rd day of 12th Young Leaders’ Conference, 2013 on 28 December was dedicated to “Tasheeh” meaning re-thinking, re-exploring and revising.

Dr Quraltulain Bakhtiyari, a development specialist, formally opened the day by introducing revolutionary concepts regarding awareness, environment and health.  Later in the day, through Life Skill’s activity, the participants focused on 10 case studies formulated around the theme “Tasheeh”. Participants analyzed various problematic situations and identified the root causes of the problems.

 The activity enabled youth to take active part in discussions and chalk out a workable solutions- a life skill that this country is in dire need of.

The panel discussion, “Did you know?” was designed to create awareness about the active role that youth need to and can play in developing countries. Among the panelists was founder of “Aware girls” Gulalai Ismail, Shahzad Khan from Y-Peer network and Raziq Fahim- a peace builder from Quetta. These young social reformers were all set to inspire the participants to work for social welfare in local communities.