No words can illustrate the pain and grief resulting from the grim incident of school attack in Peshawar. The blooded uniforms, broken limbs, scattered dead bodies, and unbearable cries made every eye weep and every heart sad. An attack, demonstrated as the revenge of Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched by TTP. The assault claimed almost 150 lives, mostly children and many more injured. It is attributed as the most atrocious offensive instigated by Taliban so far. The attack sparked a new debate on the strategy of counter terrorism.

The operation Zarb-e-Azb was aimed to root out all militants’ hideouts and facilities from the area. However, the operation had contradictory effects; it eliminated TTP from the region but they fled to cities or other areas. Many took shelter in Afghanistan. This means that without the provision of help and cooperation from Afghanistan and an improved and efficient police and security infrastructure the operation may prove to be counterproductive. All major parties are divided on how to deal with this menace. Some stress negotiations; others seem to opt for the way of hardliners while few are still considering the policy as well as strategy for counter terrorism. This lack of coordination serves as a major impediment in the way forward.

The attack on the school demonstrated the ferocity and ruthlessness of Taliban. The incident has appalled not only Pakistanis but also aghast the international community. The BBC and CNN have given a continuous coverage for hours to the episode. There is a dire need of a consensus on the comprehensive strategy to deal with these enemies. Without a nationwide harmony among all political parties this suffering will continue.


Rawalpindi, December 16.