Islamabad - The outgoing Inspector General of Motorway Police Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema attended a farewell darbar arranged by the department in his honour at Chakri.

DIG Zubair Hashmi and DIG Muhammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan, SSP Farhan Baig, SSP Munir Masood Marth, SSP Abbas Ahsan, SP Khurram Shahzad SP Dr Mian Saeed and large number of officers and officials of Motorway Zone were present on the occasion.

Before starting his formal address, Inspector General Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema offered special prayer for the martyrs of Peshawar massacre and condemned the brutal incident. He said that officers of Motorway Police are known by their distinctive traits like lawful earnings, honesty, courtesy, help to distress and equal application of law. “We will uphold the said standard at all cost,” he added.

On this occasion, DIG Muhammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan said that IGP Zulfiqar Ahmad ideally ensured merit and transparency in every perspective of Motorway Police. He brought about extraordinary betterment and eliminated VIP culture and ensured rule of law practically and played a historical role for the welfare and betterment of the department. “Recruitment of as many as 1,000 officers, provision of 250 new patrolling mobiles and commencement of licensing system are the vital steps taken by Cheema,” he stated. He said that the personality of IGP Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema is in himself an institution and it is a matter of great honour and pride to serve under his command. The standards set by him would be kept maintained at all costs.

DIG Zubair Hashmi while paying great tribute to Zulfiaqar Cheema said that he had strengthened the department by providing new resources. He polished the basic traits, honesty, courtesy and help. He took many steps for the welfare of the force. He guided and encouraged us at every stage. He eliminated inner weakness of the department, listened criticism and did effective reforms and made the department to achieve high standard of performance. The DIG said that he treated his subordinates equally and if ever been harsh that was only for the sake of the department. As a leader of high altitude, Cheema had mad Motorway Police a role model.

SSP Abbas Ahsan in his address said that IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema has embossed basic values of NH&MP in the minds of the officers and guided all ranks of Motorway Police wherever needed. As a result each member of the force is performing duties enthusiastically without fear and favour.

SP Khurram Shahzad said that all hurdles occurring in performing professional tasks automatically go away under distinctive guidance of IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema. He has taken concrete steps for the welfare of the force and rule of law.

SP Dr Mian Saeed stated that we feel proud of been working under the command of Zulfiqar Cheema. The legacy of principal and rule of law given by him is a beacon of light for us. SSP Munir Masood Marth said that Zulfiqar Cheema’s pivotal role in making Motorway Police a role model will be remembered forever.