ISLAMABAD- Five persons awarded the death penalty by military courts have filed an appeal against their conviction in the Supreme Court (SC) following the rejection of their appeal plea by high court.

The SC has been prayed to suspend carrying out the capital punishment verdict through an appeal filed by Laeeq Swati Advocate.

The military court had awarded death penalty through court martial proceedings. The death convicts have taken the plea that they are not army personnel but civilians, therefore, military court cannot initiate proceedings against them.

It was further said in the appeal that Lahore High Court (LHC) had accepted their plea and stayed execution of death penalty but on the next day the stay was vacated by the court on an appeal filed by the government and death penalty was restored. The appeal added that Military courts cannot conduct proceedings against civilian as such the stay order given by LHC was correct while the appeal plea filed by the government was incorrect, still LHC accepted it.

The court has not only been asked to stay implementation of the death penalties but it is has also been said that SC can hear appeals against sentences awarded by military courts.