LAHORE - There are 30 separatist movements going on in India at present and they will lead to the disintegration of that country, predicts veteran jurist SM Zafar.

Delivering a speech on: “Incidences of 16th December 1971 and 2014” at the TECH Society club on Sunday, he said Pakistan has the best army in the world and the nuclear capability has made this country invincible.  

Dr Sadiq, Zubair Sheikh, Jameel Gishkori and former Secretary Foreign Affairs Shamshad Ahmed Khan also spoke.

Senator Zafar said until now it was said that Pakistan was being run by three As (America, Army and Allah) but now another A (AWAM) has also emerged as an important factor. The people of Pakistan, he said, have now greater awareness and soon they would throw the “corrupt elements” out of Pakistan.

A former law minister, Zafar said he is satisfied that all political parties have unanimously supported the decision to set up military courts, which are the need of the hour. He said the appointment of Dr Abdul Malik as the Balochistan chief minister, ignoring the sardars who have always been in power, was a very wise step.

Discussing the tragedy of 16 December, 1971 Senator Zafar said it was the result of the India-Russia influence, internal conspiracies and weaknesses of politicians. He predicted that soon Bangladesh and Pakistan would act alike against Indian expectations. He said there was no danger to the solidarity of Pakistan.

Shamshad Ahmed Khan, former Secretary Foreign Affairs, said: “In the presence of Article 245 of the Constitution Pakistan Army doesn’t need any further power as it can intervene to defend Pakistan both against internal and external threats in aid of civilian government.”

He said in spite of many crises Pakistan’s survival had made it clear to the world that it would remain forever.  Internal threats are more dangerous in Pakistan as compared to external enemies, he added. He expressed the hope that youth would transform Pakistan into a successful nation.  

Describing ingredients of a successful foreign policy Shamshad Ahmed Khan said: “The word national interest is actually the foreign policy and without ensuring good governance no state can have a good foreign policy.”

Shamshad said mere change of faces of political leaders could not ensure development but change of system was the key to success. Army intervenes when politicians fail to deliver, he added.

Shamshad said most of the Pakistan’s political problems were due to its geo-political situation which is an asset but due to our political leadership failures it has become a liability.