KARACHI- Authorities have prepared a preliminary report into Saturday night’s fierce blaze at Karachi Timber Market that gutted scores of residential flats, shops and timber godowns.

According to media reports, the report highlights the reason why the fire intensified. The investigators have initially cited two causes behind it. 1). The fire department was informed late, and 2). Firefighters faced water shortage during the operation.

Both the reasons, the report said, hampered the firefighting operation, letting the inferno to ravage city’s congested Timber Market .

There is no word in the report about actual cause of the fire which broke out at around 1.20am. However, the affected traders of the market reject any possibility of short circuit since there isn’t any power connection in the market.

This strengthens their doubts that it might be a deliberate act to cause large scale devastation.

The preliminary report says fire tenders were called from across the city fire stations but 18 out of 56 were out of order, adding that four water bowsers could not be used due to unavailability of drivers. The report said non-availability of water at a hydrant in Garden area caused delay in water supply to empty fire tenders during firefighting.

Three multi-storey buildings housing the storehouses, shops and residential apartments were completely destroyed and as many buildings severely damaged in the fire. The blaze was brought under control after hectic efforts lasting 12 hours.