NOWSHERA- KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak on Monday claimed that Pakistani borders were not secure adding that steps were being taken to curb terrorism and arrange security at schools and jails.

Talking to the media he said it was difficult to provide security to all the schools unless the borders were sealed to prevent terrorist ingression. He said a new mechanism has been prepared for the security of schools. All schools are being provided mobile phones through which the principals just by pushing a button will inform the law enforcing agencies in case of any emergency.

He assured that steps were being taken to curb terrorism but nothing can be done overnight adding that imperative decisions were taken to counter terrorism at All Parties Conference (APC) whereas security of jails has also been enhanced.

Not only the provincial government but the citizens were also fed up with Afghan migrants as they have adversely affected our economy, he added.Khatak said it was being considered to send Afghan migrants back whereas a code of law shall also be derived for their return.

He said there were an unaccounted number of Afghan refugees and no one knows where they are living.

Responding to a question he said party leadership will decide if they are to return to the parliament.

CM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) also inaugurated a solar tube well at the occasion.