LAHORE - The Progressive Panel and Journalist Panel are neck and neck in the run for different slots of the Lahore Press Club as polling for the annual elections is scheduled to be held today (Monday).

The Journalists Panel is being led by Arshad Ansari for the fourth time into the press club elections. Other candidates are: Afzal Talib is vying for the slot of general secretary, Nadeem Basra is in the run for vice president, Shadab Riaz for finance secretary and Nasira Atique is contesting the joint secretary's seat.

Similarly, the Progressive Panel is being led by Najam Wali Khan while Zulfiqar Chaudhry is candidate for the vice president, Zahid Abid for general secretary, Amjad Usmani is vying for finance secretary and Saima Nawaz is in the run for joint secretary's slot.

Both the groups carried out their election campaigns, making new promises to woo maximum voters amid war of allegations against each other.

Candidates utilised their energies and contacts to drum up support, promising various steps for the welfare and prosperity of the journalists community.