LAHORE/RAWALPINDI- Price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has been increased to Rs240 per kilogram by the retailers, as demand has surged during extremely cold weather in Lahore and Rawalpindi and extremely low pressure of Sui gas in the pipeline.

The official rate of LPG is Rs150 per kilogram but all most all of the LPG vendors are overcharging consumers by close to Rs 100 per Kg.

Authorities of the district administration stated that preparations have been finalized to take action against the shop owners who are overcharging, and special teams led by magistrates have been formed in different parts of the province where retailers of LPG were overcharging from the consumers. 

In many parts of Rawalpindi district including the area of Chungi No 22, BakraMandi, DhokeSyedian, Saddar, Raja Bazar and areas of Cantonment board the LPG is being sold over Rs200 per kg right under the nose of district administration and Station Commander Rawalpindi. Whereas most retailers in Islamabad are selling LPG under cover citing non-availability of LPG as the reason for higher price.