LAHORE - The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has launched the expansion phase 6 of its new school program (NSP). The purpose of this expansion is to extend the opportunity of free school education to more deserving students in different districts.

According to a handout, 225 suitable sites for setting up partner schools under the NSP in different districts have been identified and offered to the intending partners to establish schools for giving free education to the needy students in partnership with the PEF.

The prospective partners have been divided into ‘individual’ as well as in ‘NGOs’ category; NGOs are required to have at least 50 running schools, they must be registered along-with five years relevant experience. The individual category requires that the person must be at least intermediate as well as a non PEF partner.

The NSP is public private partnership-based programme of free school education for the needy students in remote and far-flung areas of the province. Under this program, PEF provides monthly fee and text books to the partnering schools students.