Ameen:     You have six invitations already? Shameless.

Sadiq:     Why exactly do you stand so opposed to New Year’s parties, Ameen? It’s not like you’re ever actually invited to any. And you’re certainly not going as my plus 1.

Ameen:     Thank God for that. It’s a ridiculous exercise. You go from one drunken party to the next, driving on roads whizzing with drunk drivers, you don’t really get any food, you don’t get to sit like adults and reflect on the year gone by. You just walk in and out of crowded rooms blaring songs sung by children half your age. It’s freezing, nobody’s dressed right, nobody’s even having a decent conversation. Everyone just wants to dance or linger by dark poolsides. It’s no place for intelligent people.

Sadiq:     That’s exactly right. And isn’t it wonderful?

Ameen:     It’s my idea of hell.

Sadiq:     Well, what’s a typical New Year’s Eve in the Ameen household? Everyone sits on their prayer mats and gives thanks for yet another hellish year?

Ameen:     No. Well, not exactly. I do pray. But mostly I like to be with my family. We relate stories, eat beautiful food, laugh. We give thanks, yes. And we talk about our resolutions for the next year.

Sadiq:     It sounds kind of quaint.

Ameen:     You should come.

Sadiq:     I have six invitations for a night of debauchery and dance, and you want me to come to your family get together?

Ameen:     Yes. That’s seven invitations now. My mom waits up, so don’t be late.